Robin Hood Jumps the Shark

RobinHoodSpoiler alert: if you’re not up to speed on the BBC’s Robin Hood television series and would rather not have anything spoiled, read no further.

Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne are half brothers? Really? I was shocked to hear that the BBC’s Robin Hood television series was returning to air for a third season having killed off Maid Marian. (And who killed her? Guy of Gisborne.) Nevertheless the poor of Nottingham were counting on them so they pressed on and kept robbing the rich, giving to the poor and finding new ways to embarrass that lovable scoundrel, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

But the same old routine, however profitable for the BBC, does require a bit of new material every now and then; I mean, how many times can you capture the merry men and fail to keep them still long enough to be executed? So we’ve seen a few new villains and allies and seen a few love interests wax and wane, but now the show’s authors have decided to write their way out of this season by pulling lost relatives out of nowhere. A few episodes ago Guy of Gisborne’s sister showed up and went from loving Robin to taking over as Sheriff of Nottingham. Overall this wasn’t a bad set of episodes but it did rob the show of its greatest comic relief in the original Sheriff.

The most recent two episodes however, really went wrong. In last week’s show Robin Hood’s dad shows up out of the blue (everyone thought he died when Robin was a kid) and reveals that Guy of Gisborne, (Maid Marian’s murderer, and the third most evil guy (haha) in England) is his son via an affair with Mrs. Gisborne, and thus Robin and Guy are half brothers. He also says that he and Mrs. Gisborne reunited to create a son named Archer, who is therefore Guy’s brother and Robin’s half brother. This desperate ratings grab and lame plot twist has Robin and Guy suddenly stowing their weapons, locking arms and singing “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” as they go off to rescue their mutual brother Archer who apparently holds the key to defeating Guy’s evil sister, the new Sheriff of Nottingham.

This week Archer turned out to be mostly a fraud and womanizer, but Guy is donning green tights and joining the merry men so I’m glad we went on this goose chase. Next week: Little John is his own grandpa.

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